COVID-19: Family Law Questions

Many parents have questions about how to best co-parent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Often, both parents are concerned primarily with their children’s best interests, but can disagree about how those best interests are met. . Should children continu...

Who pays child support in Ontario?

Any time parents of a child are not in a relationship, there is a responsibility for child support to ensure the child is taken care of financially.  In the event one parent has a child greater than 60% of the time in that parent’s physical custody,...

How much will my case cost?

Unfortunately, predicting the cost of your case can be a difficult matter and Modern Family Law is honest about that.  The eventual cost depends on variables such as the number of issues in dispute, how complicated the facts of your case are, how com...

How do I get custody of my child?

Custody is a very misused term in family law.  Most people think it refers to the amount of time you spend with your child, but in fact it relates to the decision-making rights that have to do with your child.  Often, separated spouses fight about cu...

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