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Modern Family Law lawyers have handled all types of family law cases – from lengthy trials, to complex appeals, to detailed property disputes, to high conflict parenting disputes, and everything in between. Experience is critically important to ensuring your case is handled properly, time is not wasted needlessly and to assist you in achieving your goals.

Understanding Your Needs

During this difficult time in your life, you can rely on our experience to guide you and provide you with support. We will strive to provide you with a high level of quality service and value. Value comes in different forms and is not just financial value. We know that securing the best parenting schedule for your children is profoundly important, even though a dollar figure cannot be assigned to it. With respect to children’s issues, for example, Modern Family Law lawyers have extensive experience dealing with children’s issues and have great sensitivity to the best interests of the child. The peace of mind that comes with having proper closure to your matter is also invaluable. We appreciate that separating from your spouse is a highly emotional process, which can be overwhelming. We aim to make the process less daunting and challenging, and provide you with clarity and more certainty, so that you can better navigate this new path in your life.

Technology to
Improve Service

At Modern Family Law, you will also notice a technological advantage that saves you time, money, and helps you manage your own case. Whether the issue is file management or document sharing, Modern Family Law integrates technology solutions to ensure efficiency and cost-savings that are passed on to you. We recognize that our clients have busy lives and many obligations. We use technology and other resources to minimize unnecessary time spent throughout the process of resolving your matter. We have seamlessly represented clients all over the world through our use of technology.

Comprehensive Approach

In sum, Modern Family Law will provide you with a comprehensive and holistic approach that is unique to the needs of your particular case. Modern Family Law lawyers are caring, empathetic and compassionate. We understand that family law issues often require a sensitive touch. We take pride in our strong relationships with our clients and third-party professionals. For your separation and divorce related needs, Modern Family Law lawyers are there for you.

Comprehensive Network

Modern Family Law has a strong network of professionals with expertise in fields related to family law and divorce law. A complicated family law case can often involve lawyers and other professionals, including income and business valuators, accountants, certified property appraisers, actuaries, parenting assessors, parenting coordinators, mental health professionals, and mediators/arbitrators. The clients of Modern Family Law have access to our comprehensive and strong network of vetted professionals who are dedicated to providing professional service, value and support. We recognize the importance of a team approach.

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Technology Focused

Technology has moved faster than the legal profession has adapted to change. Modern Family Law is focused on using technology to manage cases and, importantly, save time and costs for our clients. Through our evolving use of cutting edge technology, we strive to provide our clients with greater visibility and involvement in their case, and leverage electronic forms of communication, document sharing and file management, to provide more effective advocacy and efficient service.

Strong Advocates

We are a family law and divorce law litigation boutique with extensive experience negotiating settlements and litigating in the courtroom. We have a record of success helping clients achieve their goals. Our lawyers are tenacious, creative, and practical. We appreciate that some clients prefer to resolve their matter amicably, through the negotiation of an agreement and/or participating in mediation, while other clients have difficult circumstances necessitating the involvement of the court. We strongly advocate for our clients during this difficult time in their lives, whether we are negotiating at a boardroom table or arguing before the court.

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