Celeste Van Ameringen

Celeste Van Ameringen is a Law Clerk at Modern Family Law LLP.

She received her Masters of Laws (LLM) from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2021 and obtained her LLB First Class Honors Degree from the University of Leicester in the UK in 2019. In addition, she holds a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Guelph.

During the completion of her LLM, she studied a range of specialized areas including Family Law.  While a law student, she worked as a legal assistant in a Criminal and Family Law firm.

Celeste is a very caring person who is passionate about assisting people. While completing her LLM, she volunteered at the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic where she worked with clients and completed applications on their behalf.  While completing her law degree, Celeste worked as part of a team of legal researchers for Lawyers without Borders, Student Division, where they wrote a research paper on freedom of expression and organized several debates. Celeste was also a member of a charity called AMICUS focused on access to justice.   

In her free time, Celeste enjoys bouldering, gardening and international travel.

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