Michael H. Tweyman

Michael Tweyman is a founding partner at Modern Family Law LLP.  After articling in the corporate head office of a large company, he has worked exclusively in the field of family law since 2006. 

Michael is passionate about the law and has extensive litigation experience, including substantial trial experience.  Michael has been successful at every level of court in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal.  Throughout his career, Michael has been involved in a number of cases which involve the intersection between family law and other areas of law, including corporate issues, estates law, and bankruptcy law.

In addition to dealing with cases involving other areas of law, Michael has presented at a number of continuing legal education programs, including in front of doctors on the intersection of women’s health issues and family law, before Toronto lawyers on the intersection of certain estate issues and family law, and at the Six Minute Family Lawyer in 2018,  where he presented on the topic of bankruptcy and family law. 

Michael has also been involved with three Charter of Rights and Freedoms cases separately involving children’s naming rights and support for adult children.

As a panel lawyer with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Michael advocates for children in family law cases.  Michael has represented children in both custody and access and child protection cases.

In addition to practicing as a lawyer, Michael is an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, where he co-teaches the course Managing Family Law Cases, an upper year practical family law course.  He also co-coaches the Osgoode Hall Law School family law moot team in the Walsh Family Moot competition.  With Michael as coach, Osgoode Hall has won the competition in both 2018 and 2019.

In addition to his presentations, Michael has also served on an ad hoc committee of the Family Law Rules Committee with a mandate to improve certain family law forms.

Michael’s experience in representing both adults and children, working in both a hands-on and academic environment, and dealing with cases of varying levels of complexity, gives him unique perspective on family law issues.  Michael uses this experience to negotiate sensible and fair resolutions to cases and to advocate strongly if litigation is necessary.

Michael is an avid golfer and follows financial markets.  Call Michael at 647-DIVORCE for help with your divorce or family law case.

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