Aliya is a Lawyer at Modern Family Law LLP.

Aliya obtained her Juris Doctor (JD) from Western University. Following her graduation from Western Law, she articled at a full-service firm, where in addition to gaining experience in family law. She was also exposed to many different areas of law, including but not exclusive to the following: business and corporate, employment, personal injury, wills and estates, estate planning, and real estate. Her broad legal knowledge base is an invaluable asset to her family law practice.

Since Aliya’s admission to the Ontario bar, she has practiced exclusively in the area of family law.

She has both independently managed and assisted with many litigation files, and as such, she has considerable experience advocating for clients at all levels of Court, including the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. She has also assisted in representing clients at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Aliya understands the importance as well as the benefits of alternative dispute resolution, including negotiation and mediation. She obtained her Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution through Western Law and went on to co-lead the program, assisting other law students in obtaining their certification. She often encourages negotiation and/or mediation where appropriate and has both independently led and assisted in resolution meetings and mediations.

Aliya appreciates that every situation is unique, and she therefore strives to tailor her approach to her clients’ individual needs and best interests.

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