The focus of our practice at Modern Family Law is family law and divorce law, including legal issues arising from separation.  We believe divorce is not something that people should have to deal with for years following their separation, but is a challenging and unfortunate time from which people need to move forward in a timely manner, so they can rebuild. However, the settlement or outcome of a separation is something that will affect you and your family for years to come. Therefore, it is immensely important that every case is resolved as fairly and comprehensively as is possible in the circumstances.

To provide services that reflect our philosophy, we do our best to provide value to our clients, by helping them understand what they can expect from the divorce process. We explain options and provide our client’s with advice and guidance through the case while ensuring our clients understand risks and benefits from the direction they choose.  We are very direct and honest with our clients about the range of possible outcomes that can be expected.  We believe it is important that our clients have realistic expectations so they make informed decisions because the choices they make following a separation can significantly impact the short-term and long-term, their present and their future, and the lives of their loved ones.

We appreciate that many of our clients wish to resolve their matter as amicably as possible.  In doing so, we often conduct settlement meetings, involving both parties and their lawyers, with a view to amicably negotiating terms of a Separation Agreement.   We also frequently participate in alternative forms of dispute resolution, including mediation.  We have extensive experience negotiating agreements and participating in mediation.  We are sensitive to the fact that separated spouses, particularly those with children, will have to continue interacting for years beyond the settlement of their matter.   Our goal is to help you resolve your conflict in a manner that respects the fact that you will still need to work together for the benefit of your children, even if you are no longer living together.

Separation and divorces elicits a lot of emotions and expectations.  Despite an approach that is geared to settlement, it is not always possible to arrive at a settlement through negotiations or at the early stages of litigation. Lawyers at Modern Family Law have significant court and trial experience and are well-equipped to take your case to trial if that is what it demands.  When the situation warrants, we are tough lawyers who are resilient, relentless and will fight to obtain you the results you are seeking. 

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