Stephanie Pasternak


Stephanie Pasternak is the founding partner of Modern Family Law LLP.

She graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2006 and has practiced family and divorce law exclusively since 2007.   In 2010, Stephanie obtained her Masters of Law specializing in family law, through Osgoode Hall Law School.

She has extensive experience dealing with complex aspects of family and divorce law, including: custody and access; child support and spousal support; and property issues.

Stephanie has substantial litigation experience and is a strong and fearless advocate for her clients when court is required.  However, she also works tirelessly to successfully negotiate resolutions through settlement discussions and meetings.  She recognizes and appreciates the importance of resolving issues as amicably and expeditiously as possibly, especially when children are involved and when parties wish to minimize the level of conflict.

She has a strong background in alternative forms of dispute resolution, through extensive training and participation in mediation/arbitration.  While attending Osgoode Hall Law School, she focused her studies on dispute resolution and completed the Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Administration of Justice Colloquium and gained experience assisting with mediations. She later completed a Masters level course in ADR. She has completed extensive mediation training and is on the path towards becoming a certified mediator. In addition, she completed both basic and advanced level Parenting Coordination training, so she can best assistant families navigate complex parenting issues after separation and divorce.

Stephanie has been a family law instructor at Seneca College for law clerks and a co-coach for the family law mooting team at Osgoode Hall Law School.   Stephanie frequently attends continuing educating programs and has presented on family law issues.

Stephanie sincerely cares about the well-being of her clients and is committed to providing a high level of service.

Call Stephanie at 647-DIVORCE or email her at for help with your divorce or family law matter.

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