How do I calculate child support?

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The federal and provincial governments have made legislation called the Child Support Guidelines to determine how child support is paid in Ontario. Unlike spousal support, in the vast majority of circumstances your expenses do not matter for the purpose of calculating child support. Rather, in general it is only a person’s income found at Line 150 of their federal tax return that determines the amount of support paid.

The situation is straight forward when one person has physical custody of the child more than 60% of the time. However, if you share physical custody of the child with your spouse, some additional considerations are needed to determine support.

In the clear cut situations, you can click here to help you determine the amount of child support you should be paying or receiving. However, it is always best to still get advice from a lawyer because there are many complex issues regarding income that could require a lawyer to help you determine. When a person is not an employee who receives a T4, calculating a person’s income sometimes requires a number of steps and can often be more complex than it appears.

The lawyers at Modern Family Law LLP are here to help you with your child support issues, whether you are paying it or receiving it. Contact us at 647-DIVORCE or use our contact form to book a free 15 minute phone or Zoom consultation.

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